Written by Lily Bui, Lewis Richards, Nick Sabia

Steel pedal guitar: Gary Brandin

Vocals/harmonies: Lily Bui, Nick Sabia

Bass/guitar: Lewis Richards

Drums: Ian Foreman

You see, how this all began

The ring that’s on my hand has been on my mind

I’ve been trying to talk to God

Getting past my own facade to see what I find

And what I find is my heart is feeling broken all the time

Try to clear my mind

Drive across state lines to catch the dawn

I’ve got this loneliness within

Trying to be my own best friend to soldier on again and again

It’s me I’m running into in the end


Set me free

Comfort me

Help me shed my skin to grow into who I need to be

Set me free

Comfort me

Show me my love is big enough to hold infinity

What keeps me up at night

Is how hard we have to fight to end this war

I think of what they said

It’s what gets you out of bed that this is all for

We’ve climbed out of the darkness once before

I’m learning how to live and if I can’t forgive

To give it time

Watch the seasons change

Feelings rearrange themselves inside

I’m cleansing out my soul with the tide

Chorus x2



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